Southern Cross provides services to:

  • corporate IP departments;
  • attorneys-at-law specializing in patent litigation, and
  • SMEs.

All three groups benefit in terms of cost-effectiveness within their own specific business contexts.

Corporate IP departments benefit from Southern Cross's experience in liasing directly with corporate inventors. It helps out with part or whole of the corporate IP department's own process from evaluating invention disclosures to writing up patent applications ready for filing. This allows an IP department to concentrate on issues which are important in regard of its IP strategy without it being pegged back by an overload of back-office tasks.

Attorneys-at-law benefit starting from the premiss that Southern Cross is focussed on and experienced in certain scientific & technical fields (see About Us), which pays off in terms of effectiveness & efficiency. This leads to costs savings which is in a principal's interest.

SMEs benefit from a basic, hands-on approach by Southern Cross to improve:

  • their positions in their chosen technology-driven sectors;
  • their skills & capabilities in areas where they have their greatest earning power, and
  • in building long-term value.

Please feel welcome to consult us if you need to:

  • get a big picture in regard of your IP rights;
  • learn how to DIY as much as is practically possible in order to make more use of your existing IP and creating more IP cost-effectively;
  • receive a helping hand in practice.

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