Knowledge-based and technology-based organisations have their main output in the form of intellectual property (IP) along with regular products. Such organisations thus have various relationships with third parties which involve access to and use of IP. It is important to both the organisation’s suppliers and its customers to make sure that these relationships are on a proper basis. This objective is therefore central to IP-solutions for such organisations. Solutions provided by Southern Cross comprise the following services:

  • Assistance in the identification of innovative work;
  • Subsequent advising on and protecting innovative work;
  • Advising on negotiations for licences, exploitation or acquisition agreements relating to IP;
  • Monitoring and dealing with infringement of the client’s IP;
  • Conducting and managing IP litigation.

For product development or manufacturing businesses, protection from imitation and ensuring competitive advantage would assume a high priority. Assistance by Southern Cross would involve:

  • Developing and implementing plans to protect the key inventions;
  • Monitoring competitive research in the field;
  • Handling opposition and revocation actions against the business’s patents;
  • Assistance in negotiating licence agreements;
  • Assistance in negotiating joint development agreements; and
  • Identifying and pursuing infringers.

Please see About Us for a list of technical fields bearing relation to cases handled by Southern Cross in recent years.

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